Amazing Singapore

view from Helix Bridge after sunset

I have been living in Batam City since i was a student in a private university here, so going to Singapore is a must for some people who living here even just be a tour guide for your friends or relatives. Singapore is a small country compare to Indonesia but the city planning is very neat and nice. Going here gonna make a little bit stress lease from my daily routine who living in Batam.

One important think that you should have to know if you going to travel here even one day tour, this is warning for anyone who never travel to a city/country by using public transportation like MRT or bus. You have to maintain your stamina because from one destination to another need to walk a lot and don’t rush to much just enjoy the moments there.

So for anyone who gonna comeback often here i give recommendation to buy EZ-Link (about SGD 20) card, you can top up this card every time you comeback here. To buy this EZ-Link card  from Harbourfront you can going to exit door than going straight then right, after that you will arrive in Vivo City just going straight then turn right, there is a escalator and turn right again. There is a counter for buy this card or one day tourist pass.

Some of places that i have been visited here like Merlion Park (hitz), Sentosa Island, Garden Bay The Bay, Marina Bay, Nasional Stadium, Helix Bridge, China Town, Bugis Junction, etc. LOL



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