One Night at Changi Airport

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 9.47.25 AM

This is one of the most interesting experience from my travel experience from Batam – Bangkok, actually from Singapore to Bangkok in June last year. My friend and me took morning flight from Changi Airport,  we choose this flight because this is low budget travel, LOL. Flight in afternoon or night more expensive.

Like doing travel in general at the beginning of departure various feelings of anxiety approached. One of them is afraid of being captured by the police / Singapore’s immigration staff who usually patrolled around 3 am at airport terminals. That’s the discussion I always find if looking for references from blogs who ever felt staying there.

This is done by the officers to make sure no one deliberately stay at the airport, so if you are transit passengers or will soon leave just show boarding passes and tickets, so you don’t need to worry.

Fortunately we did not experience it during the long hours of sitting in one cafe and sleeping. “The most surprising thing is that there are many people / backpackers who stay at each terminal.” Glad it turns out a lot of the same fate so do not worry. Also the wifi at Changi is very good, so you can always used it there, LOL

Here are some tips for you to stay in Changi Airport :

  1. Being your jacket/sweater/blanket or anything that make you stay warm.
  2. Try hanging out in a comfortable place so if the cafes are closed you can lie in sofa there
  3. Bring books or games or anything that will always make you wake up or not bored.

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