Amazing Singapore

I have been living in Batam City since i was a student in a private university here, so going to Singapore is a must for some people who living here even just be a tour guide for your friends or relatives. Singapore is a small country compare to Indonesia but the city planning is very … More Amazing Singapore

Candi Ratu Boko

It was happened at April 2016 when I was given the chance to travel and exploring one of the most beautiful spot which many histories in Indonesia, what is that? It’s Yogjakarta. One of the most beautiful temple that you should come when you were travelling to Yogjakarta is Ratu Boko Temple. This temple become … More Candi Ratu Boko

Pod Leaf Cafe Batam

Pod Leaf Cafe ini salah satu tempat nongkrong yang asik buat anak muda yang sekedar pengen ketemu dan hang out bareng temen-temen, nge-date or ngerjain tugas ditemenin makanan dan wifi yang kenceng. Sumber Sama kayak gue ama temen-temen yang biasa nyari cafe dengan makanan yang enak dan pasti wifi yang kenceng karena harus ngerjain tugas … More Pod Leaf Cafe Batam